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Though */bin seems to suggest by name that the contents therein are BINaries, the BSD hier man-page does not seem to suggest it. It only seems to suggest that the contents be executable. In particular: /bin/ user utilities fundamental to both single-user and multi-user environ- ments /usr/ contains the majority of user ...


PHP provides the int fpassthru(resource $handle) function. You open a file, and then have fpassthru send the file outby simply copying it to the output without storing it, allowing potentially very large files to be sent. <?php // open the file in a binary mode $name = './img/ok.png'; $fp = fopen($name, 'rb'); // send the right headers ...


Yes. Keywords are: file streaming with php. It is something like this: echo file_get_contents('secretfolder/the_file.pdf'); Do a search or have a look at: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6914912/streaming-a-large-file-using-php


You are complicating things unnecessarily. Remove the funcTest and integTest dirs, using packages in the test dir instead.

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