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apart from having a time server that every timestamp is supposed to come from (with the massive performance overhead in network traffic that may generate)? The usual practice is to either a) not bother or b) have procedures in place that ensure the clocks on all machines are kept in synch from a single central NTP server.


The web service approach recommended by @Doc Brown is probably best, but if you don't want to go that route, there are several options for remote command execution from Linux to Windows: Winexe, Cygwin's OpenSSH, and eventually Microsoft's upcoming SSH support.


Utilizing a webserver for this purpose is actually a standard approach, it is just a simple form of Service Oriented Architecture. Of course, this term might pretend more than there is actually behind it. To keep this lightweight, without the need using a fullblown Webserver, you can use a tool like node.js. It is the most simple solution I can think of for ...

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