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Your choice of framework will decide the exact API, but what you are looking to do is a fairly common task. You need a concept of a JobSet. Some frameworks will provide you such a concept for you. I would concentrate on choosing your framework first, and researching how that framework will do what you want. What you want is a very common desire, so it ...


I think that the solution to your problem is that you have a main thread that is handling certain aspects of your application and JobRunner threads that appear to be doing more business logic related processing. If you are going to go parallel processing then don't dip your feet in the pool, jump right in and make any logic in your application a job. ...


I feel this is a valid question but off-topic for the site. That being said, internships are your chance to test-drive a company. They don't mean long term commitment. I would take whichever one pays more and/or is located in a more desirable location. The reason for this is that if both companies are good (which they are), and both offer meaningful work ...


I would go for NetApp because it is a newer company, and I am impressed by some of the innovations they have done in their technology area. If you are ever interested in founding your own company, you might want to internship with a start-up instead. It is quite different.

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