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It depends on what you're writing. If you're writing requirements, then the answer is "neither". Another question here on Programmers addresses the use of "shall" and "must" when writing requirements. The guidance that I use at work is that "shall" is used to denote any requirements that must be met for the software to be acceptable to the customer, ...


I wouldn't add docstrings; they'll never meaningfully differ from the python stdlib docs relating to them.


It doesn't matter It's the content of the spec which is important, not the presentation - and "presentation" includes things like language. The exception here is if the presentation is so bad readers are significantly hampered in their understanding of the content, but present vs future tense isn't going to cause that kind of problem.


I would model the schema as a UML class diagram. Class diagrams are not specifically aimed at relational databases, but rather at object oriented environments. In my opinion, MongoDB conceptually matches UML better than a relational database. The question you refer to provides more information about how to use UML for MongoDB.

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