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It depends on what is the client key. Is it part of the request and do different keys lead to different responses? If the response is specific to a client, then caching can be implemented on several levels. This includes server-level caching, while client-server affinity can be made irrelevant by using a distributed cache service.


What I do is that I build my subjects (subordinates, objects within a domain) in such a way that they can never be instantiated by anyone other than the domain itself. (The main or central domain object.) This is in line with best practices: never use the new operator to instantiate objects that do not belong to you, (objects from other ...


First, to answer to your question: To which layer does that code belong? I would go with the layer of your actual code repository and not your database (procedures, events, etc). That think looks for me to be a business logic, and is good to keep all the business logic in the same layer (now, we talk about the code layer vs database layer) How will I do ...

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