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Use an existing one -= don't bother reinventing the wheel when there are better wheels available, that are cheaper for you to use. Lua seems to be the most common C/C++ embedded script interpreter. There are even youtube tutorials on embeddeding it into your C++ programs, or codeproject.


There are many easily embeddable interpreters, notably GNU guile (and other Scheme variants, e.g. libscheme), Lua, Tcl, and even Python, OCaml, Perl (e.g. with parrot), NekoVM ... Notice that if your software becomes popular enough, and if its (advanced) users are permitted to script it (i.e. if the scripting ability is documented and accessible or ...


First, let's clarify terms a little... The term DSL is enormously wide. SQL, HTML, LOGO, Mathematica, are all DSLs. You are talking about referring\ querying your data model according to its actual structure in a strongly typed manner. Fluent means method chaining so your source looks more like English and less like a programming language. like so: ...

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