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The solution to my problem was as simple as adding on & to the end of each line. For example, os.system("./workspace/eclipse/eclipse &")


If you just want to launch the commands, you don't need Python for that. A simple Bash script is largely enough. Notice the & at the end of every line. workspace/eclipse/eclipse & ../../usr/bin/jvisualvm & docker-compose -f s3_dynamodb.yml up & If, for some reason, you can't use Bash, then Python can actually do that too with POpen: ...


I think you should export your project as a regular jar file and not as a runnable jar. That way your plugin client just need to know what method to call just like when you use an API. The only difference is that that method will open a Window etc.


Why do you want to "mention" anything in the manifest file? What does the documentation of the software you're writing the plugin for say about what it expects in the manifest? Most likely, you can just leave out the Main-Class header or even omit the manifest entirely.

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