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Although I do like having the code formatted automatically on save (in fact I enabled it on my personal projects). I found that I couldn't fully recommend this practice in project teams using Eclipse based products as the Eclipse formatter has some critical bugs that prevent me from recommending it. Specifically if you have "code cleanup" + "formatter" ...


Packages on the JVM have a very important job – to provide a globally unique namespace for all your classes. It doesn't matter whether you write your code with Scala or Java or Clojure; in the end all get compiled to .class files or JAR archives. Note that Scala is not the Anti-Java, instead interoperability with Java was a primary design goal. So the ...


Scala package best practices are generally the same as Java conventions, according to the Style Guide. // wrong! package coolness // right! package com.novell.coolness // right, for package object com.novell.coolness package com.novell /** * Provides classes related to coolness */ package object coolness { }


There is a great deal of prerequisite knowledge in preprocessing (enhancing) input images before performing optical character recognition (OCR). For most people who have not had in-depth prior knowledge of image processing and/or pattern recognition, one very popular solution is to use a library called ImageMagick, and try many different image preprocessing ...

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