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People doing tech talks and teaching have already spent the time to write the code. What you are seeing is them presenting code that was previously written. Don't expect to write code at the speed that it is being presented. They may have spent hours, days, or weeks writing the original versions of the code. Industry coding standards for debugged code are ...


I think you need to realise that all these slick tutorials have been really, really well practiced. If you see a 10 minute demo, and it takes you 2 hours to achieve the same, throw the code away that you just wrote and do it again. In an hour. Throw it away and do it once more. In 40 minutes. Repeat until you can do it in 10 minutes as well.


Yes, not having a degree will harm your ability to get a programming job. Why? Because (sadly) skill is not the only criteria used for hiring programmers. Managers and hr people are evaluated in part by how well their hiring goes. If they hire someone without a degree, it's all their evaluation which fails if that person doesn't work out. If they have a ...

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