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Because all identifiers ending with _t are reserved for future additional types. The int32_t family of types was added in the C99 standard, so they used the reserved names to avoid conflict with already existing software. You can find a nice overview of reserved names in the glibc documentation. Note: Since Microsoft is not the C standards committee, ...


size_t is read as 'size type' _t usually means type, and sometimes typedef. Why wasn't the type just called int32 So it could be distinguished from a built in type, stdint.h is supposed to choose the proper built in type to be the given size depending on the platform. N.b. some compilers int32_t aliases a compiler specific notation like i_32 or ...


The _t data types are typedef types in the stdint.h header, while int is a built-in fundamental data type to C. The _t datatypes are only available if stdint.h exists. The fundamental data types like int, however, are guaranteed to exist. Basically, it really doesn't mean much of anything. It's just how C decided to name things.

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