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There are a couple ways I get ideas for things to work on. As you go through your normal life, think of useful programs that might be nice to have and then make a note of the idea. That way, when you have a need to learn a new technology, you can look at this list rather than trying to come up with an idea from a blank slate. Here are the ways I do it. ...


All of us are short on time, but somehow manage to find it for our pet projects. The reason? There is usually a problem that needs solving or a cool tool/feature we want that is not readily available elsewhere. Without this spark of inspiration, you're going to find it that much harder to get going. If I were in your shoes, I'd maybe find a piece of ...


Adding a license file and the license header to each source file should be okay though I would add my full name to the Copyright notice.


You say "it is a web service, we are using the AGPL3 license". If that's true - if it's your code - no Open Source license places any restrictions on what you do with it. All OS license restrictions apply to what others do with your code.


You can offer it as a paid service (nothing in open source says you can't - the FAQ has a special section on that). The key is that you have to follow the license and make the source of the software available to everyone who uses it (according to the AGPL).


HighCharts is not open source software. HighCharts is available under two licences: Creative Commons BY-NC. This license allows free redistribution and modification of the source, but it restricts the applications in which it can be used. In particular, you can't use the software received under this license in a commercial way (which HighCharts defines as ...

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