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Adding a license file and the license header to each source file should be okay though I would add my full name to the Copyright notice.


You probably ought to do both - place it in your EULA as well as providing a LICENSE.txt (or equivalent) file. That way, your end users are aware of the licenses prior to accepting the terms of your license as well as being able to go back and reference the licenses later. Most packages place the LICENSE.txt file in the application root folder, but to my ...


You say "it is a web service, we are using the AGPL3 license". If that's true - if it's your code - no Open Source license places any restrictions on what you do with it. All OS license restrictions apply to what others do with your code.


You can offer it as a paid service (nothing in open source says you can't - the FAQ has a special section on that). The key is that you have to follow the license and make the source of the software available to everyone who uses it (according to the AGPL).


If you look at other software that makes use of FOSS you'll usually find the information available through the about option in the menu. For an example have a look at the Chrome or Firefox about screen/page.


What you're asking is if you can make a VM appliance/image that includes proprietary software. I don't see why not, after all, most people using GNU/Linux and Ubuntu will install the proprietary Flash plugin. People also include proprietary data within their images when they distribute them. Check out the VirtualBox Licensing FAQ Of course, this is all ...


You can also call the file COPYING. If you have contributors and depending on your license, you will also need to list their name for the copyright or get them to assign their copyright to you.

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