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COCOMO and FP gave different answers because the problem you want to solve is essentially one of those "undecidable" problems. See: Large Limits to Software Estimation Mathematical Limits to Software Estimation If Function Points gave you the biggest answer, my personal feeling is you should use that. The big problame in software estimation is very ...


In general I would trust FP over Cocomo. Cocomo offers a lot of "twiddle factors", and in general people tend to twiddle twiddle factors in a way that gives them the answers that they want to hear. Even were that not true, when it comes to a large project I would almost always pick the larger number on general principle. And then double it. Large ...


This is a classical case of a mislead SCRUM implementation. You (and your team) need to follow this basically from the point of break-down back to the changes that need to be made (remember: SCRUM is an adaptive process, the second half of the review meetings is supposed to be used to figure out how to make it work better in the next sprint(s)!). The point-...


Yes a menu is an external input from the user that gives control information. I also agree that this is DETs == 1 since it gives you one low complexity data item: the destination of the navigation.


The IFPUG Membership Survey will tell you a little bit. Still, when I see a company like "IBM" in that survey, I am guessing it is Global Services (their consultancy). Maybe some product teams use it but most of the members of this organization at least are consultants / service providers who are selling The Methodology along with Their Services.


Refer to the works of Steve McConnell over at Construx. I always estimate by multiple methods, when things are out by large amounts, something is very wrong. You need to review your methods, requirements and estimates, not to make them the same, but to understand why they are different. At the outset of a project, and factor of 2 is fairly typical, I ...

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