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The GPL describes rules about the use of the source code, not rules about the use of products of the application itself. The most obvious example is the GNU compiler. The compiler is released under the GPL. It is perfectly fine to use that to compile programs that are not released under the GPL. What you are restricted from is modifying the GNU compiler ...


What you describe appears to be perfectly legal. The GPL allows any licensee (anyone who bought it) to sub-license it to others for any price they want or even for free when they feel generous. Those other people are now also licensees who can also sell or gift the software to others. So when someone offers a GPL software for $100, and you want to pay less, ...


No a piece of work created by a GPL piece of software is not generally a derived work. There are exeptions, where for example, the GPL app is a code generator which produces source code containing significant bits of the original app. But producing an image, or any other piece of creative work with a GPL tool is not itself GPL.


Author here. Trianglify images are yours to do whatever you want with. You could even trademark a trianglify image to use in a logo. It's just a tool, what you produce using the tool is content that you own.


I am not a lawyer. If you want a lawyer's answer, you should probably ask one. The FSF is particularly helpful in providing guidance in understanding of the aspects of various free licenses, in particular the GPL. The GPL is a license based on copyright. The rights that copyright grant the copyright holder allow them to enforce the license. An API is a ...


No, you don't need to open source your application. You only need to open source a work derived from a GPL work when you distribute the work. But when your program runs your own server, you are not distributing it to your users. That means you do not need to license it to them. You can even modify the sourcecode. As long as the software doesn't leave your ...


It depends. You should ask a lawyer. Actually, you should ask n lawyers, one for each country you intend to distribute your software to.


This case is explained in the GNU GPL FAQ: Is there some way that I can GPL the output people get from use of my program? For example, if my program is used to develop hardware designs, can I require that these designs must be free? In general this is legally impossible; copyright law does not give you any say in the use of the output people make ...


Piwik is open-source software released under the GPLv3 license. This means that you have the right to create a service that is built upon the functionality of piwik. If you use any part of Piwik in your project, the GPL applies to you. The limitations on your project depend on the business model you are going for. If your customers will always connect to ...

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