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What approach should I adopt to produce a useful GUI map of this application? How do people manage such things in a time efficient way? Quick Short Answer State Transitions Charts are a good idea. Represent each different screen as a single transition, very general, not too much detail, first. Add detail later. Long Boring Extended Answer ...


I could simply check each attribut from the window with the database Its better to check the data has changed before sending it to the DB. So I would read the data to be displayed into local storage (I found the best way was a map array of variables keyed by control name), copy that into the GUI control and then check the differences when the GUI is ...


Event-handlers: useful when you want to know in "realtime" if something has changed Simple check: useful when you want to lazily know if something has changed As it is important for you to know this when the window is closing, I'll go with option 2.


I think your two options basically nail it. I tend to prefer the flag option. If you have a UI that's appropriate, this can be combined with the Command pattern (execute methods will store the current value of isModifies; undo methods restore the saved value).

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