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Well firstly I would expect years of uninterrupted up-time from any modern server OS (even Windows :-) ). But there are usually external reasons for bringing down a server (often every few months!). Software upgrades, hardware upgrades, changing dust filters, re-organizing your data center, applying security patches etc. etc. If the system is critical and ...


It might be the accepted norm if you are accustomed to running hardware and software that isn't that stable. But I haven't observed a particular trend of servers running poorly after extended uptime in my career. I've run many a Solaris, Linux or BSD server well past 1000 day uptime and more than a handful have made it to the 1400-1500 day mark. I would ...


Any system that has to be reset/restarted after a while to continue working is faulty. Various faults include simple things like memory leaks to more complex problems like design failures. Many years of poor software has had the effect of "training" users to accept faulty systems; and to work around the problem by restarting. Note: "working around" a ...


There are services out there for this sort of thing. This article mentions some. Searching for something like "android device testing" should also lead you to some. Obviously you would need to evaluate which service gives you the functionality you need.

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