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Depending on what you are doing performance can be a big issue. Polyfills can fix many programming / api issues but you can't make the old javascript engine anywhere near as performant as modern browsers. Things like filtering large lists client side will cause noticeable lag on IE but will work fine on modern browsers for example.


Is it practical to polyfill all of the IE8 deficiencies with one solid javascript file ...? Not really, No. As an example, start with <canvas>. There are several "polyfills" available, but most farm out the work to a browser plugin like Flash or Silverlight. This is a decidedly different approach than simply monkey patching the JavaScript Array ...


If you decide to go with a client-side solution you must be prepared for the fact that someone will crack the hash or whatever else you decide to do. If this puzzle victory/loss isn't being recorded into a greater scoreboard that is retained across games then you might as well do that since it'll have no impact on you if they cheat. If you are going to ...


Depending on the puzzle you could use a rule based solution check. So for a sudoku puzzle you wouldn't explicitly list the value of each square just check that each column, row, and 3 by 3 section each have exactly one instance each number one through nine.

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