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I don't usually use a debugger, maybe once every couple weeks but it's not the first thing I go to. The most important tool in my job is so ubiquitous that I almost forgot to mention it--stack traces. Over 90% of the problems I encounter can be solved by examining a stack trace. This tool isn't always very helpful depending on your language, but when ...


Agree that best of problems can be solved away from the computer with a pen and paper or just thinking about the problem. This is more helpful than using live debuggers. It often corrects your thinking process. You can use pudb which is a console based with a simple user interface. You can chose your preferred debugger like pdb or ipdb if you want to enter ...


You can debug a JSP page easily just like a java code: "a JSP file is the same like debugging a Java class, but the most features (Watch, Inspect, etc) are not implemented. The only way to get the values of variables is the Variables view." See the link below:

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