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I'm having a hard time seeing the benefit from this extra code. Code is a liability and unless there is an actual problem I probably wouldn't want to spend time on it. I would just create the app.config file and call it a day.


My suggestion is a mix: 1st step: Run integration test in a clean database, populated and discarded on each execution. This way you test your code with the lasts version of your database model. 2nd step, when you want to pick a release candidate from the step 1, because you want to promote it (and you don't usually promote every candidate), then you run ...


A unit test should test the job that the tested unit has, no more, no less. If your method has the job of acessing the database and issuing UPDATE and INSERT commands as required, then that is what you have to test. When your collaborator is a data base, then issuing SQL is not an implementation detail: it is the behaviour of that unit. Compared to the ...

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