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My best tips for interviews is to (1) have some stories ready about times when you accomplished something quite well; (2) emphasize what you can do for them rather than explaining your attributes, and (3) keep your answers short, but more than a sentence. My favorite interview article source is Ramit Sethi: ...


I feel this is a valid question but off-topic for the site. That being said, internships are your chance to test-drive a company. They don't mean long term commitment. I would take whichever one pays more and/or is located in a more desirable location. The reason for this is that if both companies are good (which they are), and both offer meaningful work ...


I would go for NetApp because it is a newer company, and I am impressed by some of the innovations they have done in their technology area. If you are ever interested in founding your own company, you might want to internship with a start-up instead. It is quite different.

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