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Do you use the exact same code that is more than one or two lines in other parts? => split Will you do it in the future? => split


This is heavily dependent on your situation at hand. You don't give much surrounding context. Who are you writing this for? Is it a throwaway script to fulfil a specific need right now or do you intend for it to be used and maintained further on down the line? If you're writing it for yourself then you can do whatever you want, it's only you that will be ...


There is not a "right way", you have to choose when "promote" a fragment of code in a method. Usually it make sense create a new method: when your main method is too long, bloated or complex (code readability/maintainability) when that fragment is used two times or more (no code duplication) when that frament could be used from two methods or more (code ...


Based on your criteria I'd probably ask the following: How do you reverse a string? Ok cool, now do it without using the extension method? What happens if this is a very large string? How would you change your code if needed? Given a string (I use "The quick brown fox"), count the occurrences of each character. The age old FizzBuzz


They are looking for people that are enthusiastic about programming. People who have a lot of interest and get joy out of programming. They don't want someone who looks at the position as just a job, but instead as someplace they come to practice their hobby and get paid for it. Generally, if the employee is doing something they really enjoy then that means ...


The purpose of these tests is largely to ascertain: Whether or not a person knows how to construct a for-loop and what an if-statement is for. Loops and conditions are the very base units of programming. If they don't know that much then they're not going to survive an interview where you talk about object modelling, design patterns, even ...


The problem you're having is this: the tests are run unsupervised You are throwing away the vast majority of the information available from a programming test, and settling for just reading the code that was written. Why do that? Skype with the person and let them type in their IDE while you watch. What sort of information can you gain from that? My ...

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