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My view on this is that the model needs to give an array of object that are called ViewModel or viewData encapsulated in a cellConfigurator. the CellConfigurator holds the CellInfo needed to deque it and to configure the cell. it gives the cell some data so the cell can configure its self. this works too with section if you add some SectionConfigurator ...


My guess is that iOS Safari/WebView/WebKit image updates are synchronized with the actual iOS device's GPU and/or display frame rate, so image changes are thus less likely to tear. Whereas PC browsers may have to be GPU agnostic in their drawing, and are thus unlikely to run a video frame rate synchronized game loop renderer.


The iOS App store guidelines and OS security sandbox do not allow spawning a separate process from an app, and in fact iOS reported to hunt and kill any attempts by an app to try to start additional processes. So even if using a separate process was a legal exception, it can't be done within a single iOS App store app.


I developed a business iOS application which had the purpose of providing clients with detailed information about products available for rental. When you initially install the app it comes with a local sqlite database. Hosted elsewhere on the internet somewhere, we stored another database which was identical to the local database. I added a table to serve ...


I'd say you should either use GPL'd code, or not use GPL'd code, but don't try to play tricks. For one thing, if the owner of the GPL'd code finds out and complains to Apple believing that your code infringes their copyright, Apple will remove your app from the app store, and you can fight it out with the copyright holder.


Would your application function normally without the GPLv2 licensed code? If it can't, then you can't do it. You have to open your source. The FSF interprets your application falling on its head as "The GPLv2 code is an integral part of your application, and therefore your program and the GPLv2 code are collectively considered a 'derived work.'" If your ...


What you probably want to do is use an AKPolyphonicInstrument. This will allow you to play as many simultaneous notes as you like* using the same oscillator type. If you need separate oscillator types for each note, then you will have to decide how many oscillators you want to set up ahead of time, and limit the number of notes played simultaneously to the ...


I don't know UK law, I'm not a legal expert, and I can't give you legal advise. But this article should explain the legal compliance aspects with UK DDA. You'll see in this article -- and in many others -- that the recurring source on the accessibility requirements for disabled is the W3C consortium's WCAG 2.0 guideline. Here you'll find the full text ...

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