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Which mobile development platform is easy to develop is completely depends on the sort of app you want to build, and also on what your background is. If you have strong command over Java then it becomes easy to learn android app development and if you are good in objective C then you can go ahead with iPhone app development. Choosing mobile development ...


I suggest you to learn and research some Instant Messaging protocol. One of the most popular protocol is XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). It has been a standard for Instant Messaging application like Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, etc. The protocol uses XML schema to communicate between client and server that supports ...


I think you can think of "trademark", which serves to identify a particular iPhone app or any service. You can register a TRADEMARK for your name. But unless you pay to register it then you have no rights to it. So according to me for all iOS app developer rather mobile app developer must think of trademark for copyright name of an app. Thanks

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