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The people who are paying decide what happens. If this is an open source project run by volunteer developers the developers decide. If this bug hasn't been reported again then there is nobody who will notice when it's fixed. So it's pointless to waste time trying to fix it. At least nobody's going to waste their time to do what you want.


It helps to prevent the developers/contributors from wasting their time on issues that nobody cares about. If nobody "has the exact same Wine version, specs, application and manages to reproduce the problem" then it's probably not really an issue. The developers probably don't really care if the problem was fixed, they only care if it still affects anyone. ...


Remove distraction? There are some issues (not necessarily bugs?) that are really minor, and most people simply don't care about it (that's why it existed for such a long time!). In a large list of issues, such minor issues may simply get forgotten. Sometimes it may even have been fixed without anybody noticing. After all you can still reopen it if you think ...

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