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Have you checked if your bank charges an "international fee"? I know my bank does so I always gets about 60SEK (~ 10USD) less than iTunes connect specifies.


You should deploy a "lite" app if you think it will get a lot more downloads than the paid full version, and the conversion rate from lite to paid is higher than the paid app sales cannibalization caused by people who are content to use only what the free lite app provides. There is also possible advertising revenue that could be gotten from a free app if ...


Free apps (and even 99-cent apps) tend to attract a lot of negative reviews from people who might not have even read the app description, and those reviews will linger (and likely outnumber) your eventual paid app reviews. It is almost always better to keep the free version free, and the paid version paid from the start. There are some marketing advantages ...


The downside is that a free app may attract a lot of 1-star ratings and incoherent reviews from drive-by downloaders. If your paid app is an upgrade of this free app, all those prior ratings and reviews will still be associated with the app. It often works out better to update the free app to an app named "LITE", and then reuse the app's name on a ...

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