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You can do better than either XML or JSON by exploiting the particular characteristics of your particular data. If the data is completely flat and every row contains the same fields, then CSV is going to be more efficient than either XML or JSON. The reason people generally prefer formats like XML and JSON is because they recognise that the life-time cost of ...


I think two issues to consider are: (and you're referenced this above) - do you need to find child nodes ? In which case you perhaps want to avoid storing sizeable hierarchies and instead store the individual Foos such that they're immediately searchable. That may impact tree construction/retrieval times Do you want to move children between trees? If you ...


It's certainly being done, but I think whether it's a good idea depends on the style and size of application. How big is this application and how long will it live? It's harder to trace behavior and refactor with a very long path of code that might rely on the object-properties and relationships, meaning it has to be inspected and fixed as a unit. (As ...


The most efficient would probably be a binary format which you could read directly into memory, skipping the parsing step.

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