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I think the standard you are looking for is JSON Schema. It's not specific to forms, it's a more general specification for defining what a particular JSON format looks like (like an XML schema). There are a few solutions for creating forms with JSON Schema, like joshfire/jsonform.


Nothing is wrong with this for development. If it has a name, I suppose it would be a mock database. It is not uncommon to create a mock database that can emulate very basic functionality. You have the added advantage that you start from a scratch database each and everytime, thus you know that your program would work also for a potential empty nosql ...


I would just ask Why Not? When we are talking about a project we also talk about the team working on it and it is expected and should be welcomed to hear opinion about the features and and structure used. As a developer I personally believe and value the contributions of teammates. You know there is a saying "if you want to go fast go alone. if you want to ...

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