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The database model is not only defined by the data (your JSON documents for e.g. mongodb, your tables for an SQL database) but also by the operations on the data: the queries, or the updates. Without knowing what are your operations on your data, we cannot help you. If all your operations are finding some "object" by one particular "key", it would look as a ...


Did you consider using some JSON-based noSQL database like MongoDB? It might perhaps fit your needs. And you obviously can put JSON text in some SQL relational database like PostgreSQL, MariaDB (or MySQL) or Sqlite Saving your persistent state as some PHP file is brittle, error-prone (beware of code injection), and probably not very efficient. Several ...


If you ask for my opinion and my advice. Go with MySql because in the previous years I have built application using a JSON data structure but it has been very hard to maintain (it might also be my luck of knowledge). JSON is cool and simple. I admit !! But not as powerful as MySql. Go with MySql. MySql Vs JSON

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