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Law: (1974) "Self Regulation" — E-type system evolution processes are self-regulating with the distribution of product and process measures close to normal In other words 'an E-type systems growth inevitably slows as it grows older'. Source: http://www.governmentciomagazine.com/2013/04/implications-lehman%E2%80%99s-laws-it-priorities-wake-sequester


Not sure about law 3 yet, but here's my take on law 8: Law 8 would be a perfect example of a successful agile project. The system is adapted to the changing requirements of users, product owners and other stakeholders. By using the system, users find out what they really want to do with the system. Product owners and management prioritize new features ...


Legacy can mean anything but based on your 'not so well written' comment I'm going to assume that Legacy means 'bad' or at least 'out of date' technologies and patterns. If the legacy code is good, do not hold back and learn every line of it. I don't think there are clear enough warnings against the kind of jobs and projects that divert your career and get ...

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