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Have you ever listed items in a directory using ls -a ~/Downloads or dir C:\Users\user1\Downloads\ /P Now those "ls" and "dir" are commands/programs and the latter arguments are passed to the programs as string[] argv or sometimes int argc, char** argv. They provide arguments to the programs so they can behave accordingly. When you start a program ...


This is not the sole province of "old" console (command line) applications. Every running program has a "command line" that points at the executable image and includes any command line parameters. Plenty of GUI apps take arguments that alter either their initialization behavior or runtime behavior or both. Most languages do let you specify an entry-point ...


Console applications predate GUI applications, and these take command-line parameters for very long time (at least from CP/M time, which preceded MS-DOS, which preceded Windows, which preceded Windows NT — all preserving more or less the same logic). You can pass command-line parameters to Windows GUI apps, too. These are the args.

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