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Surely a new release of your application should be able to recognise whatever bad information was left over from a previous application and be able to discard it. So yes, asking the user to completely remove a previous install and install from fresh looks very unprofessional to me.


This bug does not happen now, but is inherited from some previous bad release This may be the key here. If you ask a complete reinstall every time you release a new version, this looks indeed very unprofessional. It may be OK if the users don't customize your app, so losing previous configuration wouldn't be an issue. If they do and spend at least ...


Being a mobile developer myself, the worst thing is offline access. You simply force users to be online which should work in a lot of apps, but not in all. The other great bad aspect is slowness. Time needed to parse remote data can take significant time. Yes, you can pre-fetch data during the load time, but in all other cases you cannot avoid slowness. ...

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