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I gonna go through your question paragraph by paragraph: For developers, What is the benefit of creating mobile app for a website? In which cases it is better than viewing it using browser? If your app needs to use stuff like SMS, addressbook access, or so then you have to use an app. But, many things can be done by now in HTML5 and JavaScript, just as ...


Using Mobile app from websites is useful when the mobile app has additional functions that can't be done on the website alone. Also when some websites doesn't have mobile compatibility, which means it is better accessed from desktop or laptop rather from mobile, because it is not designed for mobile browser, and you use the information from that website ...


Most of the websites now are programmed to work on the mobile as well with HTML5, what is known as the responsive web design. But the mobile apps are specifically required when you want to reverage native mobile functionalities as well. For example: Facebook. It has a website which can run on mobile as well but there is an app as well which can leverage ...


There is one way that you can use default emulator in android and you can send a call to your emulator from DDMS. You can check some functionality using this method.

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