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I am just looking for a bit of help with finding who's been hacking me and also I and also I want to know the Facebook person that keeps on asking to be my friend Who reckon they know any help would be very much appreciated. as every time I try to find out who it is I end up getting warnings to F off Regards Dustin.


If you want a complete WebSocket solution (there's no real need for REST unless you already have some REST framework on the server-side), there's an implementation of the shared todo canonical demo ToDoMVC by one of the Kaazing engineers that uses pub/sub with WebSocket. Its written in Angular and uses a universal messaging API. ...


Single codebase sounds good. But I find that many apps come in variant form, or at last, once you nstall one main app there's a load of other-functionality apps that are available to go with it. So I wouldn't worry about multiple apps. But then, the convenience of a single app with all functionality in it is good too, and users are used to upgrades al the ...


You could use all 3. Use the REST API for posting information to the server, websockets for immediate updates, and fall back to push notifications to the end user if the app isn't running (and the user wasn't notified over the websocket connection). Of course, the REST API isn't strictly needed since you can perform the same server-side actions using ...


Copying someone else's work into yours makes yours a derivative work, even if you don't modify anything. In the Android world, it's common to add acknowledgements and copyright notices to the Settings menu, as a menu item on the end. Look at some of the apps from Google that come pre-installed for examples.


For iOS apps, in their Developer agreement, Apple states an exception to rule 2.7 for interpreting downloaded code, if that code is Javascript, executed using public UIWebView or WebKit APIs (which can be a sub-component of a native iOS app), and which does not change the basic functionality of the app as per the app's description or as submitted for review. ...

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