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My two cents: Use separate repositories on shared projects. In other words, if a project is used by more than one other project (or intended to be used in multiple projects, i.e. a library), it goes in its own repository. We are suffering this pain where I currently work. Here's what the current conversation sounds like: ME: Shouldn't projects build ...


This has not so much to do with Node.js but more with how zmq works. If you read the paragraph about ZMQ_REQ there is this part: This socket type allows only an alternating sequence of zmq_send(request) and subsequent zmq_recv(reply) calls. So a worker that receives a request can only receive an other request once the first request has gotten a reply. ...


You use localhost:8080/param1value when you are referring to a resource, as in You use localhost:8080?param1=value when you are supplying a parameter to a request, as in

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