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node example.js runs the code server side. require('./example.js') within the server-side JavaScript file also runs the code server side. Serving a static file ending with ".js" to a client will make it a client-side JavaScript.


It appears to me that you have a fundamental problem with your components. C should do what C needs to do, and be tested, documented and designed to do just that. When you have a situation where C is designed to "do what B wants" you have an abusive relationship, one that becomes very clear when A arrives and wants C to do something slightly different. ...


It seems to me that you've gone down a rabbit hole. If you're writing an application in ASP.Net, why not just research how to solve a particular problem in that platform? I'd need to have a pretty damn good reason to add another tool/language/platform to my solution, and I don't get the impression that such a compelling reason exists for you. Node.js may be ...

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