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We can use MVVM to resolve this issue. The Model-View-ViewModel, or MVVM pattern as it’s commonly known, is a UI design pattern. VM takes all logic about preparing model data for UI from VC. Example: You have got model object with some fields, you want to format some of them, make calculation and combine them. In MVC case all that logic located in ...


If you need to consume REST-full API try a look to RestKit.framework. It provides a powerful object mapping engine that seamlessly integrates with Core Data and a simple set of networking primitives for mapping HTTP requests and responses built on top of AFNetworking.


To start with if you really need to shave those extra few nanoseconds off your Utils C++ functions (potentially inlined) are probably the fastest thing on offer to you. As to the question of whether class methods or singleton instance methods are more performant I will not claim to know for sure but a quick look at the objective-c runtime shipped with OSX ...

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