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The book you are reading was published in 2007. The C++ API for managing threads wasn't standardised until 2011. At the time, on different systems you had to use entirely different platform-specific libraries (pthreads, win32 threads, etc). Now, this is no longer true. Your book is out of date.


... threading is platform-dependent, can someone explain, why? The platform dependencies are typically differences in the way that the thread scheduler works. The fact is that thread schedulers do behave differently on different platforms due to: differences in the thread scheduler algorithms across different operating systems and versions. ...


Different types of UNIX have different architectures. In Linux and traditional monolithic UNIX systems the kernel is not a process. It's a block of code and data that is mapped into the memory space of every process (usually at addresses with the high bit set), but with a different I/O Privilege Level. When a process makes a system call, that triggers an ...

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