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After quite some reading and tests, I have made a basic demo C++ project demonstrating the use of CMake, CTest + boost.test, CPack and Doxygen and using more or less the organization I mentioned in my question. The project shows how to make subproject dependencies, how to compile the whole repo or only a subproject, how to package, how to test and how to ...


This post reads like you really are feeling the frustration - I can empathise. There are a few things that could help you through this; A good book on code construction etc. Code complete 2 is often cited in this regard More or better familiarity with you tools Using their features well Making peace with their short comings, no tool is perfect Time, it ...


I would suggest to read more "Software-Architect-Books", but you are not alone with this feeling. First rule: do not panic! Do you ever heard of design patterns? These are helpful structures, which can help you to structure your code even better for your requirements. Another way to "not drown into that world" is to read through this Book about "Clean ...


You can try and allocate a finite timeframe for working on organization. For example, spend 1 hour each day organizing the things you mentioned, and spend the rest of your time on functionality. If something bugs you when you work but it doesn't have any functional purpose, add it to a list that you refer to when organizing.

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