Pascal is a programming language. Its primary purpose when it was launched was to provide a vehicle for teaching programming concepts to beginners. With previous languages, teachers had to spend too much time teaching the language, leaving less time for teaching programming concepts.

Pascal is a programming language, published by Niklaus Wirth in 1970. It was designed to learn to program with a almost literal syntax using structured programming and data structuring. One of its main features is that is a language strongly typed. With time their use exceeded the academic ambit, becoming a tool for creating applications of all kinds.


The first popular Pascal compiler was Turbo Pascal thanks for its low cost and speed to compile.

With Turbo Pascal version 5.5, Borland added object-oriented to Pascal.

Borland later decided to improve this language extension introduced its Delphi product, designed from the standard Object Pascal.


  • GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC), written in C, based on GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). It is distributed under GPL.
  • Free Pascal, written in Pascal is a stable and powerful compiler. It supports many platforms and operating systems. Also distributed freely under the GPL.
  • Turbo Pascal is one of the most popular compilers. Currently, older versions of Turbo Pascal are available for free download from the Borland site.
  • Delphi is a product of Borland. It use the Delphi language, descendant of Pascal to create application for the Windows platform.


  • Dev-Pascal is a Pascal IDE that was designed in Borland Delphi and which supports Free Pascal and GNU Pascal as back ends.
  • Lazarus is a Delphi-like visual cross-platform IDE for rapid application development (RAD). Based on Free Pascal, Lazarus is available for numerous platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Getting Help

In the Pascal-Programming Page are free lessons, articles and mor information about pascal language.

Hello World

program HelloWorld;
  Write('Hello world!');
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