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In a compiled language, any superfluous whitespaces, comments or other elements without syntactical meaning do not survive the tokenization step of the compilation, so it doesn't make a difference at all for the resulting binary (at least for the executable parts - some compilers might embed original sourcecode for debugging purposes, but that part of the ...


To the compiler/interpreter it matters very little how well formatted and/or commented your code is. It only increases the parsing time by a very tiny amount because the parser has more characters to process (and mostly skip). In most languages, the compiler/interpreter would be perfectly happy if you present your code as a single long line without any ...


Yes, you can. If the your data operations are about a set of data specific for a client, they should be done on the client. They are not "data operations" as usually meant. Work on data obtained belong not to data server, but to application server. And the last can easily be done more thin making clients a bit thicker. It is not against some common ...


UNION in and of itself will deliver DISTINCT results. UNION ALL is faster than UNION, but it does not remove duplicates. Including DISTINCT in a UNION query does not add anything.

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