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In Java you load the class from disk, and instantiate them from disk. The class should implement the interface the app expects from a plugin. Obviously only plugin from trusted developers should be used. There's no way to avoid malware. In this example I have this two files in the /tmp folder: public interface ITest{ public void test(); } ...


I mean this is a partial answer and I can't say I know the defacto methods-- if there really are any -- but these are some things that come to mind, and it probably depends on whats appropriate: A dll --> this is probably your answer here and what you're looking for. Independent processes that consume data through a pipe, stdin, shared file, database, etc ...


I think you should export your project as a regular jar file and not as a runnable jar. That way your plugin client just need to know what method to call just like when you use an API. The only difference is that that method will open a Window etc.


Why do you want to "mention" anything in the manifest file? What does the documentation of the software you're writing the plugin for say about what it expects in the manifest? Most likely, you can just leave out the Main-Class header or even omit the manifest entirely.

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