DO NOT USE, or first read “Discuss this ${blog}” (http://meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/q/6417). Originally meant for questions about what influential or famous people have said about programming.

This tag was meant for questions about the meaning of quotations related to software development. These questions should have demonstrated why the quotation is notable and what specifically hasn't been sufficiently explained elsewhere. However, the site scope has changed and such questions are no longer acceptable – see Discuss this ${blog}.

  • Questions about sourcing a quotation (i.e. “Who said 'X'?”) are off-topic.

  • Questions asking us to explain quotation (i.e. “What did {{author}} mean by this?”) are off-topic. Instead, ask about the actual concept: “Does {{concept}} mean {{my understanding}}?

For questions about writing quotes (i.e. estimating), check out the tag.

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