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Here is a very good explanation of QueryOver Andrew Whitaker - NHibernate QueryOver Series. It contains: Why QueryOver? Basics and Joining Selecting Transforming Materializing Results Query Building Techniques Using SQL Functions Working with Subqueries


Actually Discrete Mathematics is the backbone of Computer Science or I say the Theoretical Computer Science. Without The study of Discrete mathematics, We miss the crux of Computer Science-Logic Development. It brings rational clarity to your solutions and a formal way of analysing a problem. Every field in computer science is related to discrete objects ...


Another thing you can do, in addition to the suggestions on this site, is to have a demo site that has a few applications you have written on the side. An artist might have a portfolio showing their work, so why can't a programmer have a portfolio also? When I was last looking for work, I set up personal website and a demo site and put links to them on ...


You're basically describing the "Lumosity Principle;" that brain games will have a "spillover effect" into other cognitive areas. The only studies that demonstrate this effect seem to be those that are sponsored by Lumosity. There are even anecdotal studies that appear to demostrate that video games can be better at accomplishing this. That said, there ...

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