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It can be difficult to learn given the outset of 'I want to learn to code'. However if you can give yourself a small project, like a basic calculator, you'll then have some context to learn the aspects of the language you have chosen. Then just think of new features to add which will give you reason to explore more of the toolbox. To begin with, try and ...


As long as you have interest on coding, you can do it. Not everyone remembers the syntax. It's all by practice and hands-on. You can definitely give it a try and i am sure you will not feel for it later.


It's hard to answer this without veering off into general philosophy. What does it mean to not be able to learn something? Is it always just a matter of there being some missing link that all your teachers have taken for granted, or are some people genuinely incapable of learning certain things? How to teach programming is a major topic of interest in ...


Programming is a skill like any other. Among other things, that means that learning it by following the outline of sites like codeacademy is probably unrealistic for some (most) people. That isn't to say that those people can't learn, rather that those sites by nature of their design tend to imply that if you've solved problem X you're proficient and ...

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