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TL;DR: It depends, but not because of continuous integration. You can version everything together which will simplify dependency management, or you can split the code and make dependency management explicit between the different code bases. This isn't really a question about continuous integration. The driving concern when splitting code bases is if you ...


CI server are only co-ordinators, they schedule and run builds, they schedule and run tests, and some schedule and run deployments. Its the latter you are worrying about and that's ultimately a task for whatever tool you use to deploy your build project onto whatever hardware or VM is going to be used for testing. I have a project that consists of a client ...


The ā€œPā€ part of a LAMP stack is a layer of CGI scripts. This layer can be provided by a number of languages. While PHP is the most common of these, other languages such as Perl or Python can be used as well. While a LAMP architecture is common and robust, it may not actually match your needs. For example it might make sense to not use CGI scripts and leave ...


LAMP is just a convenient platform. If part of it doesn't fit your needs -- like, for example, you need run a windows server for $REASONS -- then replace that part.

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