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A server can be several things, in the internet context it will be a computer (either a single instance running on some hardware or a virtual machine) that is running a web server software (like Apache or nginx for example) that can take requests from a users browser. When such a request comes in it will look into it's configuration and find a project that ...


How much space would this count take? 10 bytes? Unless you're trying to compress your payload to an absolute minimum, I would do calculations on a server, and keep logic that can be executed on a server on a server. Makes it a bit easier to maintain, less strain on client devices if it matters, etc.


if you want to create one server client application , the put your game logic on server , and GUI , you distribute over clients. Don't put your logic code , visibility code to GUI Client application. Also create one object of your shared game data and multiple objects of the clients. are you getting m


It is not quite clear, what you want. at the Login I recive the User Object from the Server An user has a List of tasks, but I don't want to load them at the Login So what would be an good style to recive the Tasks of an user If I understand that correctly, the list of tasks could be long, so receving the list of task would be something which ...

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