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You may use HttpClient in Java ME. It's just located under a different namespace (javax.microedition.io.HttpClient). You can find some sample code in the official MID Profile documentation here


Use an embedded http server - mongoose or civetweb or any of the others, they are trivially easy to implement (add a file to your build, set some options in an array, call a method to start it listening). Then you can make http requests using java, see the 'SO tutorial'


Either solution would work. It is a generally good idea to apply a lock when writing to such values. If you're expecting a lot of reads, then you could use ReaderWriterLockSlim to put a write lock on it, which would prevent other threads from writing the value, but it could be read with no locking whatsoever. This assumes that the value, at any point in ...


Is your communication a request/response pattern? If so, use one of the protocols that are made for that purpose: HTTP or web-services. Those take away tons of large and small issues. In fact, I question your use of protobuf as the serialization format. Can't you use web-services? .NET has fantastic support for them. Of course, if you have to use protobuf ...

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