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What you're asking for is functionally equivalent to DRM, which does not work and never can. If you're worried about not getting paid for your work, your best recourse is contract law, not technological measures.


An "increment" in this context is a small piece of functionality. To build "incrementally" means completing (and potentially releasing) your work in small bits at a time, as opposed to one large release. "Iteration" refers to the (small) cycles of work that you go through to be able to release incrementally. They are related, but not interchangeable, terms.


Here's discussion on SO. I like the idea of incrementally building something (adding parts), in an iterative way (building each part in a feedback loop).


In this context, "increment" or "iteration" refer to making relatively small changes to a program before rebuilding or redeploying it. One of the core ideas of agile is that you want to aim for frequent, rapid iterations. In agile you typically want the program to be buildable and shippable at all times. It may not be terribly useful or feature-complete for ...


I have not read this title, but usually when someone says build software incrementally they're referring to delivering more and more functionality in iterations. There are different approaches to this, but a lot of them mean starting by developing a minimum set of features/functionality, delivering this to the customer, and responding to feedback/refining ...

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