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Fossil perhaps - integrated SCM and tracker and wiki etc. Alternatively, I'd recommend Redmine which is lovely. Both can be self-hosted, and are open-source.


I would suggest considering: jira. Widely used in Agile shops Pivotal Tracker. Also used in Agile shops Trello. Another option. github. Although focused on code it includes some simple abilities to manage projects.


I suspect you are looking for a forge as you can create projects on a forge and each project contains tickets (what you called tasks or checklist) Each ticket can be assigned to a developper, has a status (resolved, closed, in progress, etc.), an historic, comments, etc. you can write a description for each project you create on a forge I suggest you to ...


For a good definition of Test Driven Development, I suggest you read Doc Brown's post. Here is how I would answer a similar question: All three practices are not mutually exclusive and can be combined into the larger software development process. Developing based on User Stories in iterative development cycles (Agile) does not exclude the engineering ...


TDD means writing unit tests, before writing the code. Your unit tests are the documentation, and they dictate the design. Integration tests is testing how group of modules integrate together. It comes after unit testing. Agile methodology is the way you organize your process, in order to faster respond to requirements changes. That usually means ...


I'm not sure what you mean by "one and only one software!" but I think you may be reading too much into this document. Since it talks about what not how, it sounds much more like a high level requirements document for a system and not a single application. This is actually a very important document for any large project. I'm sure that if you were to look ...


You are a bit confused with how software documentation is developed. What you read is the requirements document. There are entire books written at length of how to engineer and document requirements, but all you need to know is that the requirements document specifies what the software is supposed to do. It makes no mention of how, since these documents are ...

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