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You can create a transaction log table with guids which stores the changes made and by whom and when (and on what table/entity if you choose to break it out). ex: logid|trantype|oldvalue|newvalue|datetime|user {guidxx1234}|update |{x=1, y=5}|{x=1, y=7}|yyyymmdd hh:mm|username or id {guidxx1235}|insert |{} |{x=45, y=7}|yyyymmdd hh:mm|username or id ...


Invertible Bloom filters, e.g., per this paper. The GNU Name System video from 30c3 has an intro. Server adds primary keys of records it has to a filter. Client sends server primary keys of records client has. Server removes those from filter. What remains are records to send to client. To cut down bandwidth used, you can store coarser timestamps. ...

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