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The guiding principle at work here is probably "if you ever need to run a query on the data, and not just display it in its native form, then the data needs to be first-class rows and columns, not some JSON stuffed into a single field."


I have used sqlite for many such small programs. It's a full RDBMS, has a good memory footprint, doesn't need any long running processes, and has the most permissive license around (Public Domain). But really, if all your doing is storing a mapping of word to count, then almost anything will do as long as your word list will comfortably fit in memory. A ...


It's hard to answer this with the information provided. For instance, you say that you're "stringifying" the data, but you aren't saying what method you're using. Is there a library you're using? Is the string JSON, XML, or some other structured data? I'll assume that you're using some type of structured data (for simplicity, let's say JSON using GSON or ...

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