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From The Design and Evolution of C++ - Bjarne Stroustrup - Addison-Wesley (ISBN 0-201-54330-3) - chapter 13.2.3: The curious = 0 syntax was chosen over the obvious alternative of introducing a new keyword pure or abstract because at the time I saw no chance of getting a new keyword accepted. Had I suggested pure, Release 2.0 would have shipped without ...


Here is a program that computes the faculty of 6: S(K(S(S(SI(KK))(K(S(S(KS)(S(KK)(S(KS)(S(K(SI))K))))(KK)(KI)(S(S(KS)(S(KK) (S(KS)(S(K(SI))K))))(KK)KK))))))(S(K(S(S(K(SI))(SII)(S(K(SI))(SII)) (S(K(S(S(KS)(S(KK)(S(SI(KK))(K(S(S(KS)(S(KK)(S(KS)(S(K(SI))K))))(KK)KK))))))) (S(K(S(S(KS)(S(K(SI(KK)))(SI(K(KI)))))))(S(K(S(K(S(S(K(SI))(SII)(S(K(SI)) ...

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