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"I usually explain things too fast" I think you should first work on that problem, and it will be probably easier for you when you don't have to learn a new language simultanously. And the requirements of your student seem to make Python a really good choice, especially in conjunction with the SciPy stack.


Sadly, enrolling into university is not an option for me, because my family can't afford to pay for the education and my needs for 4-5 years nor move into capital. In many cases, you can't afford not to get an education. Yes it's costly, but it's the best investment you'll ever make. Get a part-time job. Take out loans. Look for scholarships. It's a ...


There are some programs online in which you can get to achieve your option 3 with the help of a Mentor. Google Summer of Code is one example, but it requires you to be enrolled in a University Degree. By Quickly Googling this, I found this link. It contains a list of FOSS Mentor Projects. I haven't tried any of those, but I know GSoC and people from GSoC ...

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