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Control is "The place where the next instruction is going to be executed." If you are familiar with Assembly Language, you can think of it as the value contained in the Program Counter register. The term comes from the notion "Flow of Control," the specific order in which statements are executed to produce a computing result. So when someone says that ...


"Place Warranty" means that you can put your own warranty in the license, but you don't have to. Some licenses do not allow this, for what I hope are obvious reasons (commercial licenses typically have their own warranty terms that cannot be modified by the consumer).


There are a lot of ads asking for "language agnostic programmers". They're looking for people who are okay with programming in whatever language is needed to get the work done. They want people who are totally fine with learning another language if that's what the project calls for. They're looking for people who aren't clinging to just one language and ...

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