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In C, C++ and related languages, there is also a difference between an object being const and your reference or pointer to the object being a constant reference. If you try to modify a constant object you get undefined behaviour. (You can try to modify a constant object for example by taking its address, casting the address to a non-const pointer, and then ...


Speaking of JavaScript, the key words const and Object.freeze const applies to bindings variables. It creates an immutable binding, you cannot assign a new value to it. Object.freeze works on object values. It makes an object immutable. Namely, you cannot change its properties.


To my knowledge, there isn't a common, industry standard term for what you're asking about. Capability based testing is probably the closest term you'll find to match what you're describing. It's very common within web development to have a run-time test that probes the capabilities of the browser and reacts accordingly. Capability based testing is fairly ...

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