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XML encoding can be tricky, because some XML generators might hard-code a generic content type such as ISO-8859-1 even if the document contains e.g. UTF-8. Part of the reason is most text is ASCII, and valid (7-bit) ASCII is also valid as most other encodings. Developers might not understand character encoding or might not care (works with my test data!). ...


80% of my team is remote, so our normal communication is remote. For this situation I find that an electronic board always seems better than a physical board for us. In fact I don't now how we would effectively do a physical board (I have done plenty of physical boards in the past when most people are also physically present). One camera that all of us ...


Use both. But you need the physical board first. The electronic system should be for detailed docs and attachments you want to associate with a task. Not managing the process. I would say the physical board is best for running the scrum, the electronic board is best for running the backlog


I don't think an electronic board is a necessity for distributed teams. There are techniques like having pairing people up into buddys across locations which can help the teams feel more connected. That is not to say that a virtual story board is never the correct solution. Having both is sometimes valid as well. As always, it depends... If you do ...

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