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I've written and maintained a reasonably-sized commercial package in assembly language (40,000 lines of 16-bit code and 35,000 lines of 8-bit). It worked well and had zero bugs. The only inter-module communications possible were that a symbol (an address in program code or a data address in memory) could be declared public in one module and external in ...


A book could be written on this topic. I bet some have . . . It's hard to answer because each tool-chain has its own strengths, shortcomings and quirks. I must have structured different projects a half-dozen different ways, but I will mention the two that I've used the most. For almost all techniques, you need to partition the components adequately. The ...


The only way to archive that is to create good architecture. Then you can partition your software into components. For example, in C and C++, one component can be a library. Then in tools like sonar and jenkins, you can checkout just specific components, and do with them whatever you like.

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