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It is a user requirement: 1) Security is a user requirement: "I don't want other people to see my data." 2) Work flow is a user requirement: "Don't show me web pages or commands that are not part of my responsibility." 3) Good support is a user requirement: Help Desk: "What page are you on?" User: "The one with the big you can't do that message". 4) ...


I would have QA test them. Seriously: if QA is able to read a use case and understand the program flow without a priori knowledge of the code (which tends to make a developer biased in terms of testing anything) then it is likely at least decent quality. When it comes to validating requirements, use cases, and other documentation that typically comes near ...


I would imagine it would look very much like any other use case. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd409432.aspx In the above diagram, substitute "Advertiser" for "Restaurant," and "User" for "Customer." Change one of the circles to "Serve Advertisement."

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