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Don't ever make a user control that will only get used once, all it will do is hide the real problems and make maintaining things even more difficult. If you have huge code files from the sheer number of controls on a page, you need to make more separate pages not user controls. It already sounds like you have multiple sections on a page that could ...


I've found that there is way more repetition of code in a WebForms application than is immediately noticeable. I've been banging my head with this exact problem, and I've come up with several remedies. DRY Up Your UserControls (And Models, Too!) When you look at each individual page, you see so many differences that you can't possibly imagine code is being ...


In the real world if you are not going to re-use code/controls then do not waste your time making them re-useable. It just isn't worth the effort. However if you may re-use them in the future then make them re-usable. You say "VB.NET Winforms ASP.NET website", however you cannot have it as Winforms and ASP.Net/Website it would have to be one or the other.

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